2b Wavie Newbie to CG Transition greasy?

Hi Guys!I just started CG today and used Suave Naturals conditioner to cowash. I have fine 2a/2b wavy hair and it gets oily quickly but the ends break and are brittle. Once my hair dried after my first cowash my waves looked shiny and beautiful but my roots were oily and the hair on the top of my head looked really dirty/stuck to scalp almost. Is this normal during transition? Did i not use enough conditioner? Help please :/

2 Answers

Hi! If you're new to CG, a greasy scalp is totally normal. Your scalp is reacting to the change of not having sulfates in it. Before CG, sulfates were stripping your hair of natural oils and your scalp was going into hyper drive to make up for it. Your scalp is still in hyper drive and hasn't quite slowed down the production of sebum. My advice is to be patient, and this will eventually pass. Hang in there! 
As a wavy haired girl, I think it's okay to modify the CG method a little bit. I shampoo with a super gentle sulfate-free cleanser once a week and cowash twice between shampoos. Eliminating sulfates and silicones is great, but I don't think it's necessary for wavy-haired girls to COMPLETELY cut out shampooing, just reduce it a lot and keep it gentle and sulfate-free.