2b/2c hair, long, frizzy, gets limp/greasy w/ heavy products. Product recommendations please? Thanks

Not sure if co-washing would work due to oily scalp, probably a shampoo/conditioner recommendation and advice on a leave in conditioner and styling products to increase curl and reduce frizz. My hair is below shoulder length, layered for volume + curl. Just got it cut so no pics yet - thanks!

1 Answer

I recommend doing an apple cider vinegar rinse and just use light products i don't know a lot about light products but luckily there's a lot of info in the internet for this  , curl keeper is pretty good and stay away from shea butter and coconut oil or anything too heavy for your hair , olive oil is great , aussie's products too and i won't really co wash often if i were you just do an Apple cider vinegar rinse once a week as an alternative and co wash every 2 weeks because it's just too gentle for cleansing in my opinion , as for a shampoo shea moisture's shampoos are great