2c curly/wavy!! Easily frizzes and in deserpate need of hair products that will define and hydrate!

My hair is curly on the top layers and some how wavy/straight on the bottom layers.  Why is this so, and please help me figure out how I can help my hair curl over all!

3 Answers

It's totally normal to have multiple curl patterns (for example 2C at the crown and 2A at the neck). It also might be that the curls on top are weighing down the hair underneath (especially when that hair is wet). You could try drying with a diffuser, that way you get more volume underneath and probably more curl too. 
Try spraying in hair spray when your hair is wet. It's a great stylist trick.
try samys get curl gell its runny so i like it i add coconut oil and garniar sleek and shine leave in with i get perfect defined curls