2C (I think), high porosity, medium-coarse, densely packed hair. Completely lost on how to manage!

My hair is awful. I have grown it somewhat long to try to attempt wearing it naturally. I'm about to resort to my old trick of bobbing it off and straightening daily because I can't the right products for my hair. I am currently working with my stylist's suggestions. I feel like we are on the right track because my hair is better than it has been. But it's still not quite right. Can you help me find good products before I cut it off? Price is no object. Currently using R+Co Atlantis (moisturizing) shampoo and conditioner  Shu Uemura Nourishing Protective OilCurly Sexy Hair Curling CremeI try not to shampoo every day. I use conditioner only in between. But I am more prone to yeast problems on my scalp when I don't shampoo daily. So then I have to use Nizoral occasionally. I am sure that is damaging. So I am not sure which is the lesser of the two evils, shampooing daily or occasional use of Nizoral? Sorry I know this is a ton of questions. Appreciate any and all advice! My goal would be soft, natural waves without frizz vs big curls. I believe I have a good cut right now as at least the shape of my hair is nice. 

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here is my hair when wet...It fluffs up a lot without a ton of product, rendering it a wet crunchy look. Frizz is out of control currently. My curls lose definition over the day turning into a fluffy, frizzy mess (I comb in shower, blot water, scrunch and air dry without touching). The hair feels dry I think ... I am looking for more softness I think as I am not a fan of the crunchy, wet curl look. Maybe my hair can't do anything else?
hey Tara. What do you hate about your hair? Maybe we could help a little more if we understand your struggles. Here's to hoping you find what you need!
hey Tara- Any success yet? I hope you didn't chop your hair off because it is really pretty. I got the * Curly Girl Handbook* from mi library last week & it was really helpful. The pictures of wavy hair were great to see & your hair looks similar to some of the photos. I have been trying new things & a lot of products based on the book & reading this site. My waves have come a LONG way in the last two weeks. Here's the method the book outlines for waves:-avoid conditioner on scalp & hair roots. Just apply leave in conditioner to lower 2/3 of hair. Only comb w/ fingers. -scrunch out water w/ Tshirt before applying gel. Scrunch until damp & clumps of waves form-then scrunch in gel so you see big clumps of waves. -allow to dry. Try using diffuser when you are lying on a yoga mat w/ your hair splayed above you like a mermaid. This way, gravity won't weigh down your waves.  If crunchy, turn upside down & scrunch out the crunch. I've been doing this using Giovanni Ultra Moist Avocado & Olive Oil Condish & Giovanni LA Naturals gel. HUGE difference in my waves around my face. I'm trying to attach pics for you. The sideways pic is before, the one where I have on pink shirt is after. Also: have you tried Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo? It is great for problem scalps & is sulfate free. Here's a tip for when you have to use Nizoral: on dry hair, smooth conditioner over your length before you get in the shower. Then use Nizoral only on your scalp (if you can get s squirt bottle with an elongated tip on it like a honey bottle, that would let you apply it straight to scalp. I've been using the pre-poo method & it is really helping moisturize& combat frizz. Since my hair gets really curly in the back, I've been putting coconut oil on the back of my hair just after my leave in. That's made a huge difference in frizz & clumping of my curls. Anyway, I hope this helps & check out the Handbook!
oh yeah! You you have hard water? If so, the handbook recommends a shower filter. If $ were no object, I'd get this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000PI13SU/ref=as...This one was recommended by a wavy on this forum.