She has the 2c & a straight crown should I curl it? The front & bottom is really curly! Help! Thanks

For a long time-form birth until 3 months ago-I brushed and blow-dried her hair straight. She is turning 13 and wants to reclaim her curl! I never was very experienced with curly/wavy hair even though I had it myself. It's been reacently cut with long layers and is an inch under the collarbone. Are there any products around $1-$20 in Walgreens or Rite Aid. No salon treatments please! She doesn't straighten her hair but has used straightening creams before. She has 2c/2a/3a/1 hair any tips?

3 Answers

Check out the Curly Girl Handbook from the Library. It is full of answers. This will get her hair in the best condition to wear it curly and have her curls come back to life. A looser wave pattern will have straighter roots. If the ends are the straight part it usually means they are very damaged and then a cut is your best bet. Use a sulfate free shampoo and maybe every other wash use V05 conditioner as a shampoo. Tresemme Botanique Coconut (only not the other ones) as your conditioner. You can add a little coconut or grapeseed oil to that for a deep conditioner or add a little Neutral Protein Filler from Sally beauty to the conditioner for a protein and treatment. But really, read the book it's life changing for curlies!
she probably has a lot of heat damage, try using food grade bentonite clay, or pure castile soap as a cleanser from amazon as a cleanser or shea moisture products, try treseme naturals as a silicone free conditioner, hask does a keratin protein treatment in a pink sachet that would really help heat damage, and look for gels that are acahol free like eco styler, dont curl her hair, it will only make the heat damage worse, let it grow out and cut out the heat damage regularly, once that is gone, 3-6 month haircuts will be enough. try have her wear protective styles like cornrows and twist or even braids for a week or 2 at a time, but done so it doesnt hurt her scalp, good luck!
I have the same type of hair, very flat on top due to using flat iron and over processing.  I just started curly girl method and used the plop hair drying with a tshirt and a diffuser and I have some nice waves on top now. This could make a difference for her too.