Am I doing something wrong?

Or just being impatient? I think my hair is 2a or 2b, fine to medium, low porosity, normal density. For 6 months or so I've been using the L'Oreal sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. I thought my hair would respond favorably and quickly to low/no poo and co-washing. However, it's super frizzy! I'm using Suave Tropical Coconut to cowash, Shea moisture milk mixed with a little gel to set. I've tried different combinations of more gel, less gel, no gel, more milk, no milk, etc. While my waves are more defined and curls are getting curlier, the health of my hair has improved, there is still this nasty frizz!  I do color my roots, but haven't done so since switching to primarily co-washing. My hair generally looks better if I sleep on it, (satin) at least the frizz is less. To note, my ends are not frizzy, they look healthy. The frizz is located around my crown. If you have an suggestions, I welcome them all! Thankyou.

1 Answer

If the frizz is around your crown, then its possible you are over-washing or over-manipulating. Try using shampoo once a week instead of daily and cowash on all other days -- in general, see how long you can go without shampooing entirely. I'm a 2b/2c with really thin hair and I use shampoo about once a month (and lo-poo at that). Also, try getting some rose oil and avoid touching your hair while it dries, unless you can some rose oil on it. Rose oil is reallyyy leightweight and won't hurt your color. It'll add moisture back in and seal where you hair is frizzy. A dime sized amount should be good! Hope that helps!!