Any Tips & Suggestions for my 2A-2B Hair?

I grew up with very frizzy, rats-nesty, ringletty hair. In high school, I colored and straightened it all the time because I didn't know how to take care of it. Since entering college a few years ago, I've been trying to find the right way to wear my natural hair. It used to be much more voluminous (2B?) when I used basic hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, mousse) like Suave (see attached photo). However, I've tried switching to more "natural" and cruelty-free (important) products the past couple years (Paul Mitchell, Organix), but it seems like my hair is just becoming more lifeless (2A).  It's flatter, frizzy (mostly underneath), and any styling products I use (mousse, creams, leave-ins) leave me with zero definition (my profile pic looks OK because I just got it cut that day). I'll also mention that I have fine-medium width hair, lowish density, and low-medium porosity (I think?), and a dryish scalp - I wash/condition (sulfate-free) every other day (towel/air dry) before it gets greasy.So basically, I've been considering doing the Curly Girl regime. I plan on buying some Jessicurl products in the next few days (Aloeba daily conditioner, Gelebration spray), and was wondering if someone would recommend this for my hair? I've actually been doing parts of the Curly Girl without realizing it these past couple years (wide-tooth comb in shower, leaving conditioner in longer, rinsing with cool water). Even this morning I decided to see what it would look like with applying my defining cream and mousse (Organix) on soaked hair, then plopped (with a regular towel, though), and when I took the towel off, my hair was super curly! But now it looks the same as usual. So would you recommend doing the whole Curly Girl shebang? Sorry, I'm very verbose and I like everyone to know all the details so I can get the best answers! Thanks for reading! (Also posted under Hair Care)

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