How to get bangs with 2b/c hair?

I really don't like my hair being one length-especially in the front. it looks flat and boring. I used to cut myself bangs all the time when I straightened my hair everyday, but now that I wear it natural, bangs are something I want to try again to liven things up a bit. but what kind? side? straight across? okay, probably not straight across. but im worried that if I do bangs they'll shrink right up and be frizzy and curly!

1 Answer

Hi wavycurlywurly, I have 2c hair and I got bangs years ago. I have to admit, I basically had to straighten them every day until they grew out. I'll attach a photo of what that looked like. I just found that if I didn't straighten my bangs they would curl and stick out in all directions, and this lasted until they were long enough for me to tuck behind my ears. So if your hair looks similar to mine, maybe get some sideswept face framing layers that are still long enough to tuck behind your ears?