Best curly hair routine for type 2b?

I need help to know the best method for my 2b hair to keep it healthy is it the LOC OR LCO OR LOCO , and the best curl routine to get the best curl pattern out of my hair.  And can I use the curl defining cream as the last step in the LOC METHOD ? 

1 Answer

Hi Princess.Moc,The LOC method is interesting, and you'll really need to test it and see which one suits your needs. Be careful with layering too many products. A Leave In is really helpful for combatting dryness so I definitely recommend that. But you don't always need a defining cream if your leave-in is heavy. And you don't always need oil. I only like to use oil if my hair is frizzy or super dry.I have tried the LCO method in the past and it worked well for me. I put oil on last as a sealant. But this was when my hair was long and thick. Since then it's thinned out and I cut it short. If your hair is long and thick, then the LCO method could really work for you! I would suggest trying the LOC method first with really light products. Since you have 2b hair you really don't want to weigh it down with too much product. You might find that the LOC method makes your hair too oily. In that case, just eliminate either the leave in or the oil and see if that helps. If you're interested in methods and what works best for wavy hair, I would definitely read up on the CG method. Cones always make my hair greasy and weigh it down, so going CG will help you have more bouncy beautiful waves. Good luck!