Best product for my 2C hair (shoulder length) thatis oily at the scalp and very dry ends

2 Answers

I love the Curly Girl method. It has helped reduce the oiliness on my scalp! Are you familiar with it? It's a way of caring for curly hair that says no sulfates, silicones, sulfonates, mineral oil or petroleum. I can't believe that by using a less harsh shampoo my scalp is now less oily because it doesn't get the message that it's dry and to produce more oil! Crazy, I know. I actually can now co-wash (wash with a light, thin conditioner - V05) twice before needing to use a sulfate free shampoo like Shea Moisture Superfruit. The silicones I am now avoiding are allowing moisture to get to my hair as opposed to blocking it. I would check it out. It's based on the book, Curly Girl Handbook by Loraine Massey but you can find most of the info online (here, Pinterest and def Youtube). My hair is so much curlier and happier now. Less oily roots, more moisturized ends which will encourage your curls to pop! Best!
Hey! Thanks for your answer! Your hair experience makes perfect sense about how that works for you. I actually have learned a ton on here the last few days. I cowashed yesterday for the first time. I checked out the ingredients of a couple of conditioners I had at home and I realized I've been using stuff that's probably  bad for my hair and then I saw the tresemme perfectly  undone  and read that bottle... "No silicone..." Aha!Anyway I didn't think I was going to like the results but I wondered if it would take more than one co wash. I thought that because I air dried (seems to work best when going curly) and halfway through drying, my hair felt as dry/rough as usual. When it was completely dry, though it felt better than normal. I did notice, though that my curl seemed more relaxed. I even thought I may not really be a 2c but more 2a or 2b. Which I can deal with as long as my hair is not in tangles or fried looking.I misted and restyled today and it was back to pretty normal curliness! I only used some oil in my hair to "style" yesterday after the Cowash and when restyle today some oil and curl cream. I've also learned that my hair has low porosity. Which makes sense why I've told my stylists that the leave ins they recommend our a film or coating on my hair and makes it just a mess. Even heat protection sprays do this,My curls really seem to do better with no styling products other than an oil or serum type stuff. I've tried a lot of styling products but never the products and methods I've read about here. I am excited and anxious at the same time to try some new products! I'm really ready to breakup with my chi. Honestly, I rarely use it anymore the last year after giving birth to my second child. Who has time for all that! Thanks again!