Best products for fine, flat, limp waves?

I now have mostly 2b hair (it used to be 2c but after my pregnancy I lost a lot of my curls). It's very fine and my waves are limp. What are the best CG products recommended for my type of hair?

1 Answer

Devacurl no poo can work as a cleanser. IF your hair is NOT low porosity, you can cleanse with conditioner aka cowashing. Make sure you dry your hair with an old shirt or microfiber towel (I use a tshirt because lets be real if I can do that, why do I need to run out and spend more money lol) to avoid frizz and drying out your hair.Here is a list cultivated specifically for wavy hair CG method approved products.Just keep in mind that your hair being fine is a key to taking care of your hair. That means you need to be careful not to overmanipulate it. Dont comb or brush unless you have to. Try to detangle with hands rather than tools. Dont apply too much product because it can weigh your waves down, and use light products and less creams and heavy oils.I hope this helps love! xo