Big dissapointment...

I'm 15 and my mom always tells me my hair is naturally curly, however I've never rlly worn it out natural before. I've always straightened it and since I was 8 I've either been getting braids or putting it up because I'm so insecure about it. It got to the point that the edges of my hair were breaking off and my mom told me it's because my hair is meant to be worn out natural. This summer I decided to do that so a few weeks ago I started wearing it out, Ive shampooed my hair once so far (because my it can strip natural hair oils) and condition often, I leave it in for about 30 minutes then rinse it out, and let it air dry. My mom has tried the twist out since day one (a few weeks ago) My hair kind of curls when it's wet and as it's drying but my aunt noticed as she twists it that it doesn't curl (my aunt wears her hair natural too) she says it's kinda straight. When I untwist it in the morning I notice it's hard to get it to stay curly all day. My mom has naturally straight hair, she's Caribbean and her hair grows very fast. And my aunt on my dad's side, her hair curls perfectly and her curls stay. What can I do or what products do you recommend to get and keep more defined curls? My hair is very soft and never nappy, always easy to comb through. I think curls are beautiful and the healthiest thing for my hair. Also, do you think my hair doesn't curl as well because of how long I keep my conditioner in maybe? Or maybe because I'm just starting out? Thanks for advice and reccommendations 

1 Answer

hmm I think you hair has suffered from heat damage and may not curl the way you want. You can add styling cream and scrunch but maybe you'll have to let it grow out. Try cutting most of the damage off. You can use shampoos , just use sulfate free ones. Or you can co wash. Is the conditioner you use silicone free? I don't see why leaving it in causes the curls not to curl. I think your best option is to let it grow out and get rid of your straightner.