After bleaching, laying a semi-permanent color and gloss, hair doesn't curl; dry/fuzzy.

dry processed gray hair 2b/c I think; no longer curls just fuzzy and dry no matter how often I deep moisturize.

2 Answers

yeah its called dye/bleach damage, sorry but you will have to cut all the dyed parts off, its the only way, the reason deep conditioners dont work is because you're doing it on damage that cant be fixed without cutting, so once you cut all the damage off, you follow up on deep conditioning as much as you can, do hot oil treatments twice a week, use shampoos that dont have sulfates in them as they will dry out all the moisture you get from the oils and then the oils and conditioning will be useless, also use conditioners that dont have sillicons in them as they buildup on the hair and eventually the oil absorption of the hair will become very little and they will also be useless, after you get rid of sillicons products, you now want to get rid of the buildups on ur hair, so you use a clarifying shampoo or 2tbp of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 litres of water, and after 2 months or so, you will see a much much much nicer difference.
It sounds like your hair has encountered a significant amount of damage.  Once hair is damage to this extent you  are going to have to cut the damage out.  Find a stylist who specializes in curly hair for the cut.  In the meantime Co-Wash or use a Zero lather cleanser and a quality silicone free botanically rich conditioner.  It'll take time but your curls will be back with regular trims and lots of TLC.