Brand new & cluless about products & styling for my 2A/2B fine textured high porosity waves.

I've blow dried my hair straight forever and want to start embracing my waves, but am clueless. My hair is highlighted and damaged, slightly below collarbone length, fine textured and thin. I want to encourage the most wave possible and lose the blow dryer. No more highlights either-too damaging. I'd prefer natural lines like Shea Moisture but will consider anything. Thank you so much! 

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Are you familiar with the Curly Girl Method? Getting rid of the sulfates and silicones will help your curls come to life and will give you the moisturizing you need. I enjoy co-washing with V05 Pomegranate but you might also like to rotate in a no-poo or low poo if you build up more easily. Suave Naturals or Tresemme Naturals might work well for your rinse out without being too heavy. SM is a great line too, not sure which line is lighter, maybe the Superfruits (I haven't tried this one yet but plan to). Giovanni Direct Leave In conditioner might work well for you, not too much slip. Herbal Essence Totally Twisted gel is light and you might like it but if you need more hold, try Tresemme Bouncy gel. I hope you get some other recommendations as well!
Hey, I just want to reassure you that you're not alone, and it is possible to get your waves/curls back!  My hair is like yours - thin, fine and dirty blonde.  I went from a 2a to 2c in a few months, but you got to be good! lol  The Curly Girl book is a great start!As far as options go, you can do sulfate/silicone/alcohol free products, or try natural/homemade products.  There are more reviews on the store products (that will match your hair), but for me and my allergies, I'm having a hard time finding recipes for Type 2 (fine) hair - most are geared towards Type 4 (and thick).The attached picture was of me using the Curly Girl Method (for shampooing and conditioning) Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration" Shampoo and Conditioner (which does have the "bad stuff" btw), plus a gel (I added water to my hands when applying) and possibly S Factor's Smoothing Lusterizer.I'm currently using Aveda's "Be Curly" line, with similar but not-what-it-used-to-be results.  "The Polished Curl" on YouTube also has similar hair to us (but it looks thicker), and she likes the Raw Curls line.  I'm looking into that; however, my location is making me do some cost analysis.Hope this helps you off on the right foot! Good Luck!