Anyone have any cleansing and styling tips for a newbie with type 2a hair? Natural products plz

Hello! I have only just recently started my Curly Girl hair journey, having stumbled upon the cowashing method and had the revelation that I may not have uncooperative fine, straight hair...instead I probably have fine, type 2a swavy hair that I have been unintentionally mistreating like straight hair most of my life. I completed my first cowash yesterday using 100% Pure's Kelp & Mint Volumizing Conditioner and after scrunch drying my hair with a microfiber towel, I used some natural hairspray (I didn't have any gel) while scrunch-styling. My hair didn't look that great, but then again I haven't been a big fan of my hair ever, especially not since recently growing out my bangs. I tied it up in a bun and went about my day. This morning I awoke to worse hair, (oily beginning at the roots to dry-ish at the ends, fairly limp and unkempt-looking.) I tried refreshing it with a homemade aloe vera and lavender spray (adapted from the Curly Girl recipe) but that didn't seem to help. I care very much about my hair health but it would be nice to have it look good as well, or not feel as if my only option is to throw it in a bun. I would greatly appreciate any cleansing or heat free styling tips using natural products that would help make the transition a more enjoyable and appealing experience for me and my hair. I would love a more glamorous and polished look.

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You're definitely a 2a. I am also a 2a, just with some straight hair too. Call me a hippie but I have found that olive/coconut oil is very helpful and is much better and healthier than co-washing. You could try soaking in it for 10-40 minutes, depending on how coarse/dry your hair is, and then wash it off with a mild shampoo that does NOT boost shine (it will make your hair look greasy). Don't put on any conditioner either. Just let it air dry or blow dry it, provided your hair won't frizz up. My hair has been way less unruly and a lot smoother since then and won't frizz at all. It's also completely natural so I personally think it's a perfect solution for type 2 problems.