Any experiences with Olaplex/Aphogee?

My hair has been colour processed a lot lately, and now there's insane frizz that never used to exist. It's breaking all over the place when I shower. Some of the curls have loosened, too =/I have fine 2B/C hair. I'm thinking of getting a protein treatment soon (aphogee) or maybe Olaplex overnight? Does anyone have any experience with these?

1 Answer

Hi Ale0504, I personally have not tried Olaplex, or ApHogee. However, we have lots of articles from writers who have tried them! I Tried Olaplex - Here's What HappenedIf You're Coloring Your Hair You Want this TreatmentApHogee 2 Minute Reconstructor Reviewed This Protein Treatment Hardens On Your Hair Hope that helps!