Considering perming my hair as I have lost alot of my natural curls. Opinions on perms?

Over the past few years my hair has gone from curls to waves and i want my curls back! I have tried so many different products and nothing seems to work, I am now considering a perm, can anyone give me any advice on perms? My hair is quite thin so I am worried it will be too damaging but im desperate!

4 Answers

Perms is no! It takes away alot of natural textures.And if your hair is thin I say no to a perm.
Perms are chemicals that damage your hair no matter what brand, strength, etc. If you get a perm you'll have NO curl whatsoever lol. If you really miss your curls I'd cut off a few inches and start over. Growing your new healthy hair will be a great fun journey for you! You'll get to learn and love your hair like never before :)
I agree. I would avoid perming. See a curl specialist stylist to make sure you have the right cut to maximize curl potential. Make sure your hair is hydrated. 
I am in exactly the same predicament as you! So fed up with my lifeless curls. Did you end up doing the perm or did you find a way to bring back your natural curls? In Jan 2014 I permed my hair. The stylist said it was a "vegan" perm product (and something along the lines of it being less harmful, although it smelled incredibly strong, that chemical smell you know?). Anyways, she assured me it would last 6 months. Turned out to only last 2 weeks. But while I did have it, I loved it. Didn't notice any damage as a result, but the possibility of damage is what prevents me from doing it again.