Curl-enhancing mousse for 2A hair?

I have 2A type hair, and I'm a natural redhead. The only way I found to get more texture and curls is to braid my hair, but I'm willing to try styling products. (I rarely use curling irons. I haven't touched a straightener in over 5 years.) Which curling product should I try that wouldn't weigh down my waves and doesn't have any silicone? I hate the feeling of the crunchy "Ramen noodle" texture.

2 Answers

Two of my favorite mousses: Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Mousse: Creme of Nature Foaming Mousse:'re both my favorites. I think they're light enough for your waves, definitely light enough for mine. If you absolutely hate crunch, try the Pantene Pro V No Crunch Whip: really is "No crunch." Good luck!
I also hate the crunch, that's why I only use a few mousses . on occasion. I like OGX coconut curl mousse (ulta ) , shea moisture fruit mousse, or sometimes Lotta body foam wrap. Im not sure if these are CG. Im not cone free. All of these are non crunch.