My curls are damaged. Is there anything I can do or do I chop it?

My hair was between 2a-2b. It was up to my butt and I loved it. I styled it alot varying with braids, hairstyles, mousse, heat, etc. It was frizzy if i didnt style it but i knew how to handle it. I ended up cutting it to my shoudlers which was way too short for me because I couldnt really style it and I didnt like it. My hair got curlier to about 2b-2c. I still put products like mousse and gel in it to maintain the curls. since there werent many hairstyles to do I straightened my hair too often and now im left with 2a frizz. I tried deva curl products. The no poo and conditioner are good i guess. But the light gel made my hair sticky and greasy and didnt give me any curls. I wanna get a deva cut to see if that helps but I dont want short hair again! My hair is currently like where my the back of my bra is. Is there anything I can do to make my damaged frizzy curls come back? Or do I have to get a chop? Any recomendations or tips would help a lot . thank youu

1 Answer

Hi Wavynat, It depends on how damaged you think your hair is. You can tell if your hair is extremely damaged if it curls at the roots but is stick straight at the bottom. If that's the case, then yes, a hair cut is the best way to repair it. If your hair is frizzy, but not stick straight then I think some protein treatments and deep treatments are in order. I am loving the Omni Potent Double Whipped Treatment. It's a great protein treatment for repairing the hair. Here are some articles that could be of help: here's one about heat damage. It says it's for type 4 hair, but really these practices can be applied on any hair type : this helps!!