my curls doesn't start from the roots. is that normal? what type do i have? i'm confused

1 Answer

Judging from from the photos, your hair appears to be 2b since most of your waves looks like they possesses an S-shape pattern. It's very, very pretty :D. I think you might have some 2a hair mixed in (like in the front and a little in the bottom), but I'm not too sure since I cant see your underlayers too much in the photos. I think it is normal for some curls not to start at the roots, it doesn't really happen naturally to me either but something a lot of people do to encourage curl formation & volume in their roots is to style their hair upside down (some blow dry their hair upside down too. tip: use a diffuser attatchment if you do). I think scrunching your hair upside down will really help. The routine I do after my shower is: put my wet hair in a t-shirt plop for about 5-10 mins (give plopping a try too if you haven't, google how to do it), remove the plop and gently smooth/rub leave-in conditioner on my ends and trouble areas (I avoid tugging so I wont ruin the volume at the top of my head), then bend my head down and scrunch my gel/mousse on then go. I hope these tips kind of help ^.^, all hair is different and some techniques and products might not work out for everyone, the thing with hair, especially curls/waves, is that it takes a lot of trial and error :)