How to keep curls and tame frizz in long, fine type 2b/2c hair?

Hey Curlies!This is my first post so I'm going you guys can help a girl out!So I've been pursuing natural hair care for quite a while, but i really embraced my curls again about a year ago. After a short transition period I felt like I had really dialed in my hair routine. However, come summer the whole thing sort of fell apart. I figured it was mostly the weather and it was hot, so I pretty much just put it up all summer. But with fall weather rolling around I started putting it down again and now it is a total mess!!My current routine is this wash with trader Joe's tea tree shampoo (focus on the scalp I have ridiculous dandruff problems, which also have seemed to worsen over the summer), squish to come condish with trader Joe's tea tree conditioner. Straight out of the shower: Apply a small amount of Eco curling cocktail, scrunch, apply 6-9 pumps Shea moisture weightless mousse (2-3 pumps per section, 3 sections), scrunch, apply good amount of Eco argan oil gel (see the video for approximate amount), scrunch. Plop the hair into a T-shirt and go to bed. In the morning remove plop shake out and go.I developed this routine based on The Polished Curl videos/recommendations. It worked very well for a while (I used to get three days of great curls out of this with just a refresh of water spray and iso bouncy spray day 2 and 3) but lately as my hair has grown out I find it going frizzy and flat just an hour after I let it out of plop.My hair is pretty fine and easily weighed down, but there is a decent amount of it. My length is now to my mid back and I would like to keep it this long or maybe grow it a bit longer for me wedding next fall.Any suggestions to get and keep defined curls in long fine hair?Do I need protein or moisture... Any ideas why this routine stopped working?

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