Why have some of my curls become more wavy and my waves become sort if stringy?

I use herbal essences hello hydration Shampoo and conditioner, then I pat and scrunch my hair with a towel and then apply the advanced techniques morrocan argan leave in treatment oil on damp hair then plop my hair or I plop then apply the oil, after an hour or 30 mins I usually take it out if I don't keep it on longer and my hair is still wavy/curly but kinda wavy/straight at the back until half way down my head am then after it's around 99% dry I apply the oil again to reduce frizz and I scrunch aswell but then my curls become wavier and waves become slightly stringy/straighter and my hair looks fine in a mirror but when I look at it I see frizz and dry hair on some areas? And when I sleep I usually put it into a pinappple sort of bun at the top of my hair or into a loose braid but then in the morning my hair is flat and then I end up tying it in a ponytail or I don't pull the ponytail all the way so it's a bun Please help me 

3 Answers

if you straighten or do your hair every single day it could be damage.but if your not using heat it could be the products you use are not for yous hair type and are kinda taking the curl from your locks.if your curl does not come back watch this video below on how to curl your hair 
the products you use could be weighing down your hair try using just a light leave in conditioner and a dry oil to seal. Also tugging and stretching your hair can cause curl loss so even if you don't use heat try to wear styles that require a minimal amount of manipulation and try finger detangling insted of brushing.
Sounds like you're putting too much product in your hair. It will weigh down your curls and turn them into waves. Also, if your hair is very delicate and changes shape like mine does, I think plopping will only change your pattern. Tokesgreen is right on the money: too much manipulation will mean looser curls. Here's what I think you should do: 1. Out of the shower, pat dry your hair and scrunch it lightly. 2. Apply a cream gel that will reduce frizz and hold your curls 3. Let your hair air dry, don't touch it and don't plop it. 4. If your hair is still frizzy, apply a light oil that won't weigh down your curls. But be super gentle. Good luck!