How to deal with my bad haircut

I recently got my hair cut from almost at my waist to an inch below my ears - I've done this before but in previous times I straightened my hair. I don't straighten anymore but am not sure what to do because at this length my 2b hair looks awful! It flips out at the bottom and the waves are very unflattering so I have been resorting to straightening again. I have very thick hair and right now it's cut in a bob just below my ears with a few small layers. Does anyone have any tips? I love my hair short but don't want to be straightening and restyling it every day! UPDATE: I decided to get it cut again in a more flattering shape because I was getting a bad case of triangle head - I told the stylist I didn't want such flat hair but also didn't want more layers in the back than the sides....unfortunately he had his own ideas and completely butchered my hair - I'm so miserable because he gave me an a-line bob and my hair in the back is so thick and he thinned out the sides rather than putting a few layers so the hair could be lifted, and I still feel like the shape is unappealing. It looks pretty awful in my opinion. Even straight it is nothing like what I wanted. Any ideas on how to make hair grow quickly and/or how to salvage this cut?? My hair grows semi quickly so hopefully the thinning out won't have ruined that. 

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