How to deal with weighed down thin wavy hair?

I have very very very thin 2b/2c hair...if i shampoo or condition or use any type of product, it gets weighed down and then goes to 2a or just straight...and if i don't wash it becomes greasy then gets weighed down by that. How do i keep my curls? I've tried Shea Moistures weightless shampoo and i like it, but it still weighs my hair down. Is there any solution/product/routine that will help me? I've looked into the CG routine but i have a feeling that will weigh my hair down too lol Thank you

1 Answer

Hi Belaraimondi1, Has your hair always been like this? Or just recently? Usually during winter months my waves are so fine and the air is so cool that nothing can hold my waves. Everything evaporates and I'm left with near straight hair. Does this sound like your situation? If so, I would recommend not using any product this winter. You obviously have to shampoo and condition, so don't stop doing that. But use less conditioner and don't use anything too heavy. If you must use product out of the shower, use a light leave-in spray. SheaMoisture is good, but can be very heavy, especially for waves. So I would lay off it until the humidity comes back. Hope this helps. Don't worry, I'm sure once Spring comes back your waves will be right again.