Devacurl alternatives?

I am looking for alternatives to low poo delight, one condition delight, ultra defining gel,and set it free. They work well but are $$. I THINK I am 2c, high density, low porosity, and have had fairly good luck with devacurl but if like tol try something new

2 Answers

SheaMoisture has been my go-to since long before my salon began to stock DevaCurl -- products run between about $10 and $15 for 12-16 ounces. You can find some amount of their offerings at almost any store in the African hair care section. Some stores, like SALLY (and probably even Target and Walgreens, but I'm not certain) even carry its low-porosity line! (orange label) or the Frizz Defense collection for thick, wavy hair (light green label). Unfortunately, I can't really recommend a particular collection if you are unable to locate either of those; I, as a color-treated curly-wavy type, definitely have high-porosity hair that loves protein (I use a combo of high-porosity (dark blue label) and Strengthen, Grow, and Restore (light yellow label) products.
thank you! I think I need to do the porosity test again. I'm thinking my low porosity finding wasn't accurate, since I do tend to get frizz without product. I just took a "quiz on shea moisture's site and it recommended high porosity products... so it's quite not actually low porosity. Lol thanks, though! Will definitely try some shea moisture.