How does 2B hair react when cut to short/medium length?

hi! I've never used this site before, so if I did something wrong, please let me know and I'll be sure to fix it :) So, I think i have about 2B hair that I've been growing out for 3 years. I used to straighten my hair in middle school, now I'm a junior and don't use any heat on it. I've wanted shorter hair for a long time, since it's seemed to have stopped growing and I'm a bit tired of the length. I was thinking around collar bone length, since lobs are popular right now. Also, it's very fine and quite thin, so I don't get much volume. Edit: it doesn't seem to be letting me upload photos! :( but either way, does anyone have any before and after photos of 2B hair being cut medium/short?

1 Answer

I am a junior as well and have been embracing my natural texture for quite some time. I have 2C /3A hair. Mine is slightly course and thick. I went for mid back length to a stacked bob last year. The results were nice! If I had to recommend a length, however, I'd say stay below the ears and above the shoulders. Once my hair started to grow, it grew OUT. Literally. My loose waves became large curls, and have been that way ever since. I don't have any photos, but I hope that helps you. Good luck with your hair! I've had many styles, from long blunt hair to razored layers. Have fun!