Does curl pattern change over time?

When I was younger I had really really tight curls; 2C-3A. I never really knew what to do with them growing up and always wore my hair back or straightened it as I was the only person in my family with curls. Now I'm older my hair type is 2B and I would love to get those curls back, would a hair cut and completely leaving it alone help? Jess

1 Answer

It doesn't always change but it absolutely can! It can get curlier or straighter. Not really anything you can do to reclaim what you had if it's already healthy and hormones are to blame. My best advice is follow the Curly Girl Method, use a hold product and dry it upside down with a diffuser. You can also try plopping for a little more oomph! (just look on Youtube for anything that is unfamiliar in my answer and that should help!)