why does my hair feel dry and knotted 4days into CG?

hi girls, my hair is type 2A/2B most days. I started CG 4days ago using Tresseme Naturals conditioner as a RO and a pea size as a leave in as I haven't found a silicone free leave in here in South Africa yet. The only CG curl enhancer type stuff I could find (haven't searched high and low - budget shopping for now till I find my groove) aunt jackie's curl la la. Tried the gel I had on hand but it's very drying so ditched that. We can find very little of the products you find in the US here in SA :( My hair has always been quite sleek with a little frizz but seems now that I started CG it is way frizzier and feels very knotted and dry. What am I doing wrong? I live curls and really want to embrace mine but this looks terrible... following rockncurls journey...Also I have 4 kids, I don't have time to spend 4 hours on my hair... not do I want to use 10 products at a time, less is more in my books. Please help me!?(Pic - close up with silicone conditioner and diffuser; pic 2 - green top, CG as explained above no gel just curl la la hair very knotted and yucky feeling)

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