Why don't my waves/curls start at the roots on the back of my head? The back hairs are straight-ish?

so my hair is wavy/curly but the hairs on the back of my head aren't curly at the roots; they're more like straight beachy waves that do not look nice, then towards the middle to the end they're a mixture of waves or loose curls. Then around my head my waves/curls start from the roots but sometimes lay flat, then around my face my curls come out a little more in s shapes but I want something similar all over? I use herbal essences hello hydration cos my hairs kinda dry too and I use the plopping method to dry and I might put a little bit of coconut oil on after and scrunch..... Please help me!!! :(Sometimes my hair on the back is sort of like the picture 

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If your hair hasn't been chemically processed or heat damaged, then you may just have different curl textures/patterns all over your head and that's OK. Maybe you need a protein treatment. Have you tried ApHogee Green Tea Keratin Reconstructer? It's not a miracle cure all, but it can help "heal" damaged hairs until you are ready to trim them. Sometimes it can "bring back" your original curl pattern as well. 
Hi Penguin12, VJackson93 made a good point. Have you ever permanently straightened your hair? Or did you straighten frequently? It could be that your hair is heat damaged. If that's so, be sure to use protein treatments for you hair, and be sure to eat well. Fruits, veggies, and protein will help your body repair your strands. If your hair isn't heat damaged, then it just means you have different textures on your head and it's totally normal. It could be because you lay flat on your back when you sleep, or maybe when you sit on the couch your hair flattens. Wavy hair is so delicate and malleable that any little touch to it can change the texture.  My advice to you is to continue the plopping and try a styler with a firmer hold that will help hold the texture that plopping gives you. Use gels and cream gels with good hold. Good luck!
The other answers mention heat damage, which I'm not sure if you have, but I can give a little input on. I used to straighten my hair every single day, and significantly damaged my hair. When I went natural, it took a long time to heal up and look nice. The back/bottom layer was the worst, sometimes turning up completely straight, or with random loops in an otherwise plain piece of hair, versus the ringlets going on up top. Over time (and pampering) it has evened out, and a trimming off a good bit definitely helped it spring up to equilibrium. If it's natural, or if you want to go heatless, you could try plopping your hair, or doing bantu knots as a heat/damage free way to have an even style all around. There are other things out there similar to these styles too, so do some research and find one you love! Hope you find what you're looking for <3
i am not so sure but it may be that you sleep on the back of your head wich makes your curls straight