What the on earth should I be putting in my hair?

My hair is 2a/b with loose curls toward the ends. It is low porosity, fine-medium, and seems to need moisture, seemingly doesn't like a lot of protein and may be protein sensitive?, waist length, frizzes/loses definition moderately easily. it's never been chemically treated or colored and I rarely use heat. I've recently been using the DevaCurl one condition, no-poo, set-it-free and the light defining gel, occasionally I use the heaven in hair as a DC. My hair is having a FIT. The first few days, it seemed nice and moisturized, and my curls were bouncing back. Now it feels like straight up HAY, especially near the ends of my hair. I read that their products have protein in them, which I'm guessing is the culprit? Before this line, I was using ogx kuku oil conditioner, and the coconut water shampoo, along with some of the oils from their line (macadamia, argan, vitamin E). These products have sulfate and silicones, which I read are too harsh on the hair, and silicones keep the healthy oils from reaching the hair shaft, especially with my low porosity hair. I wash my hair every other day if that means anything. my ends can be very dry, but also weighed down if there's TOO much moisture...but I'd rather it be over moisturized than dry. That all being said, WHAT DO I PUT IN MY HAIR?!?! If you have hair similar to mine, could you tell me what you use so I know what to start out with? I am honestly so lost! I don't know what to do with it. Please help. )-,:

2 Answers

same problems, sister! let me know what you discover
awesome! do you like the conditioner? is it moisturizing enough? i have been enjoying deep conditioning/kinda pre poo w jasons virgin coconut oil. it smells really nice and it adds mega shine. i think what i need is a big chop!