Frizzy fly aways and overall eugh feeling

Hi all,I have 2b high porosity hair. I straightened my hair for about 15 years until about 2 and a half months ago. I've been following the CG method initially low poo but now I do no poo unless my hair feels vile. My hair is to my shoulders and feels lovely soft and moisturised,  I can get fairly nice curls, mainly underneath until the frizzy flyaways arrive. From then on my hair feels awful and I get quite self conscious. I'm really struggling with not being able to brush my hair because that's what it feels like I need to do to tidy it up. It has no life. I use  a super cheap conditioner for my co wash, Yes to blueberries for my rinse out, Shea Moisture restorative conditioner for my leave in and eco styler argan oil gel. How can I get my hair feeling soft and get rid of those fly aways?? Help on the verge of giving up and getting the straighteners back out

2 Answers

Hi Tonidots, I don't think your hair looks frizzy at all in the photo. You have a nice wave going! I wouldn't go back to straightening just yet. Your hair is lovely and has lots of potential. If you're concerned with frizz, you have two options: 1.You could always add another layer of serum, oil or styler, but that would be layering a lot of products. If you feel like your hair can handle it without being weighed down, I would try out these products...they're my favorite de-frizzers: U R Curly Abyssinian Oil Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper OriginalAveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil 2. Try switching out your styler. Not sure about EcoStyler, but some gels and creams are better at handling frizz than others. Some of my favorites are: Ouidad Heat and Humidity Gel AG Beach BombDevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel (I love the Light Defining too) Hope this helps!
If your hair is indeed high porosity, there are 2 important things things that seem to be missing from your routine that are crucial for maintaining moisture and controlling frizz. :1) You need to incorporate protein into your hair routine.The method and amount is largely up to you and what your hair responds best to, but protein  treatment is needed for high porosity hair because it fills in the gaps in the raised or broken cuticle, which is why the hair is so porous.  I would start with lighter proteins and work your way up until you find the results you're looking for. A healthy cuticle will help you to naturally retain moisture better, reducing frizz.2) You need to seal your hair.When styling, it seems you are not sealing your hair which is a necessity for high porosity hair because moisture can evaporate and escape the strand so quickly and easily without being locked in properly during styling. You will want to add the leave-in conditioner or moisturizer onto your hair while it is wet, seal with a butter or oil (I recommend testing this out with lighter oils and work your way up to thicker oils until you've found your match) and then proceed to your styler.Let me know how this works.