Gentle shampoo and conditioner for thin/fine, dry wavy/curly hair (and sensitive scalp)?

I have fine hair that is between 2a and 2b.It looks like Hermione's hair in movies 4-6. It tends to get dried out easily, and I wash my hair every day. That probably makes it drier, but if I don't, my scalp will be a little greasy and my hair frizzy. I'm looking for a good shampoo/conditioner that will work for a sensitive scalp (and ideally is cruelty free). I tried DevaCurl and the conditioner was ok, but the shampoo make my scalp itchy.I've considered products like Shea Moisture, Carol's Daugher, Kiss my Face (that's about my price range). I currently put some argon oil on my ends, but I'm nervous about using a lot of products because I don't want to weigh down my hair.I attached a picture. If I don't brush my hair, it's curlier.I'd appreciate any help!

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