Hair is an absolute mess

Hi I'm new here and I be done a ton of research on my hair and I still cannot get it to cooperate it is so frustrating. I believe my hair type is 2B and fine. I have tried coniditioning every day, washing 1 a week that didn't work. Now I condition and wash Mon, wed, Fri. Hair Still looks dry, frizzy and poofy constantlY. Unless I use a wax or pomade type porudct I cannot contain my hair but they leave my hair hard or greasy. I have yet to try a mousse though. I use hanz De Fuko shampoo and conditioner. What I'm gonna try next is conditioner 3 times a week ,washin once and applying coconut oil after shower. The idea here is that I don't want to use a product EVERYDAY to have manageable hair. I'm also trying to grow my hair long enough for a man bun but things aren't going well. 

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