Can your hair change texture over different climates?

I used to live in India and my hair was a 2C/3A. Although I didn't really have time to take care of my hair and only used a shampoo, conditioning and curling cream from the counter, the curls would be good for days.I live in Canada now, and my hair's about a 2A despite all the care I give it. I use a diffuser once a month(ish) if I'm going somewhere out, but no heat generally. Regardless, my hair has no volume (despite many layers) and barely any curl at all by day 2.

1 Answer

Hi there! I see no one has answered your post yet. I'm not sure if you've solved your problem but just to let you know. Yes, hair does change in cooler and northern climates. Which makes me very happy because when I'm back in the U.K or in Norway I have these easy to manage 3a/3b curls. But now I'm in the Southern U.S. and my hair is unruly 3c, loads of frizz, and so curly I barely recognise it. So yes, it totally changes with climate.