The hair on the crown of my head is straight. What are the best ways to get my curls more defined?

I normally wear my hair in a wash n go. After showering, I apply my products then scrunch with a cotton t-shirt and air dry. I would love for my curls to start at the crown. Any suggestions?

3 Answers

have you try'ed the pineapple method? you put your hair up in a high ponytail at the top of your head with a scrunchie to help with definition and to add volume. or you could flip your hair upside down and use a diffuser on your hair
Also length of hair and lack of layers will add weight on finer wavies and can stretch curls out near the top. But also us looser wavies sometimes just don't get much curl near the root. A sea salt spray at the roots (avoid ones with silicones that aren't water soluble or that have too much of a slippery feel), clipping the roots and hitting it with a diffuser will help. Remember wet hair is heavier so there is more pull than if you diffused upside down even some if not all the way. You can YouTube how to clip your roots for curly hair. I'm pretty sure The Polished Curl has it or RockyCurls might as well. 
My hair is the same way! The best solution I've found so far is drying my hair by plopping for about 15-20 minutes after adding my usual gel and scrunching. I've also just accepted that my hair has multiple personalities, so I use bobby pins and barrettes to clip back the straight parts (especially for day 2 hair, when all of my waves are more relaxed and I'm feeling lazy). I know others have had success doing pin curls on the straight bits (I can't get the technique right on that one so this didn't work for me). Keep experimenting!