My hair is curly on the back and straight on the front. Please help me?

Hi, I am new to this page. My hair was never curly or wavy until four years or so. I was determined to have curly hair, so I cut my hair, used hot oil treatments and some how my hair changed. Now it's curly on the back and straight in the front. I've cut my hair several times. Up to my shoulder and have let it grow to my lower back. No matter what I do my hair still remains the same. I can't use rich products because, unfortunately, I have very thin hair and will make it look greasy. As of now I've changed to jojoba oil and argon oil and a little of curl defining mousse from Finesse. Like I said I've cut the "dead" hair multiple of times and actually asked my hair stylist if there's anything I can do. She said my hair might always be like this an not change. Any help with product or how to dry my hair would be appreciated! 

1 Answer

My recommendation is to go to a curly hair stylist, and get it cut short. Ask them to give you a cut to enhance your waves, use products for curly hair and if your hair grows out more curly then you found your pattern. If not you will always have that mixed and you need to figure out how to style it.