How to get my hair to not be so dependent on oils to fix properly?

I had heat damage because of straightening it too often but I cut it off and started over. I'm now in the process of fixing my curls. I put oils in it once a week (the night before I shampoo my hair). I've seen great progress in my hair journey since I've started using the oils but for the last two weeks I haven't used any oils in my hair and have noticed that my hair went right back to looking stringy and flat. To me it seems as though my hair is now dependent on oils in order to fix good.

1 Answer

The oils are giving your hair moisture, if you want to stop using oils then you should hydrate your hair with conditioner, leave in, and deep conditioner. As you had damage it you may still have some and your hair is being restored from the oils. If you keep doing it you will reach a saturation point and need to oil twice a month and even only once. Listen to what your hair likes and wants, if oil is not bothering you keep doing it