Hair doesn't grow, thin ends. SO FRUSTRATED and Losing HOPE!

Hello! I just joined this sight and I am in search for some recommendations, success stories, and really just some hope! I started my official hair growth journey August 2013. I am getting married in a few months as well, but even so I decided I really want to work on the health of my hair. Before I discuss my issues, I should tell you my hair style and regimen. I have fine-medium hair (just not a lot of it) that is wavy (2b-c). My hair grows thick from the roots but by the ends it always thins out. In the past, I didn't have the patience to deal with my ends so I kept trimming my hair which is why I believe my hair never grew long. I finally decided to stick it out and be extremely patient, as frustrating as it may be. I do not use any heat; I wash my hair 2x a week and before washing I do an oil treatment which I leave on for a few hours or overnight. The oils are a mixture of any 2 of the following: olive, coconut, jojoba, almond, avocado, and recently castor. After washing I do not use any products, I scrunch my hair with a dab of jojoba oil and let it air dry. I massage my scalp a few x a week, sleep on a satin case, get exercise and take vitamins (biotin, pre-natal, MSM, iron), and make sure to eat protein/vegetables/fruits in a day. My issues are: 1. My hair does not grow. Period. What I find is whatever growth I do have is healthy but simultaneously my ends thin so I just trim them resulting in a net growth of 0. This time around I have been extra careful and tie my hair up or braid it (I barely leave it down completely). I feel like I try everything but my ends don't give and on top of that my hair grows immaculately slow. What more can I do?! Does anyone else experience this? 2. My waves are super limp. As I already explained I do not use any products and this may be my issue. My hair can have a nice texture to it, but most of the time it appears very limp and lifeless. What do you all do/use for your hair. Products are usually a miss for me: after the 1st day my hair looks really flat, and on top of that my hair usually feels weighed down and unhealthy after using too many products. Currently I shampoo/condition with Moroccon Oil products but I just purchased Jessicurl products as I have heard great reviews. I'll see how that goes. My hair doesn't seem to have a moisture issue any longer and I do cleanse it with apple-cide vinegar every couple weeks to clean out the build-up.I am trying to keep my hair as natural as possible, but it looks awful because I don't have a lot of hair, my ends are thin and my waves are limp. I am Indian so my family and even my people have very good hair in general. I have pretty much always had hair issues where I don't know how to deal with it; I started wearing clip-in extensions (and still do) which made me feel amazing, but I want to rely on my natural hair. I get really sad thinking about my hair, because I feel like there is no hope. Am I missing something here? Why can't I let my hair down naturally and enjoy it. Please help!!

2 Answers

Try letting your hair down a little more instead of using extensions. Also try using herbs such as nettle on your hair. Deep conditioning with things besides oil can also help.
Hello. Firstly love you need to understand that the more you worry about your hair, the worse it gets. Stop stressing. Now, check for thyroid and PCOD/PCOS. Diagnose amd treat. If thats clear. Then first make sure youre eating justttt right. No tea or coffee or aerated sugary drinks (atleast not excessive). NO smoking habbits. First thing in the morning drink a bottle of water in which you had fenugreek seeds (methi dana you'd know if youre indian :) ) soaked overnight - a tablespoon. Also you get amla, its a wonderrrr product for hair. Eat two a day fresh or powder with hiney everydayyyyy. Natural things take time to work so give it ample time. You might think youre taking enough protein but maybe youre not. Start eating a full half biiled egg and 3 eggs whites (it has zero fat) every morning and lots of chicken for dinner grill it. Coming to hair packs apply paste of methi dana, amla, raw eggs weekly and dont shampoo after. Always end washes with cold water. Trim off two inches and then start afresh. Be positive and eliminate alllll chemicals (sulphate shampoos, silicone conditioners, heat, or artificial oils too.) Always use good quality products. Lastly, relax, maybe join a yoga class and deep breathe each morning and give it time. Try inversion methid (yoga) also. Smile stay happy dont stress and kill your hair. :)