Hair hasn't grown in years- keeps thinning

My hair used to be long and thick in high school and first year ofCollege. I damaged it everyday for years up through color processing, and lots of heat damage (straightened it everyday) I got a haircut 5 years ago then and it never really grew back. Since then I have stopped straightening it and have been trying to take care of my natural curl.  I have been natural now for 2 years and take much better care of my curls, never straighten themOr use heat tools and only color occasionally. But it has been shoulder length for 6 years- has not grown AT ALL and is actively thinning. Despite my efforts it won't growx, looks thin and brittle and is very sad looking. It looks nothing's like it used to. Is my hair bad for good? Can I ever get it thick and long again? Even just a little growth? I use hask curl conditioner and shampoo and deva curl leave in conditioner- I do t wash it often and don't use a lot of products. I have it in a ponytail w ascrunchy everyday Bc it's hard to make it look good down. 

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