Hair always looks a mess despite following CG method to the letter! Help!

First of all, excuse the awful photos!So after many years battling with frizz and badly behaved hair I have decided to embrace my natural wave.  I think I am probably a 2a with some 2b at the back and ends of my hair.I have started the CG as in the past my hair has responded well to the lack of sulphates but oh my word, styling it is a nightmare!I am currently using a low-poo (keracare) which my hair really likes and following this with Tresemme Naturals which I rinse out after doing a bit of squish to condish.I scrunch the moisture out of my hair with a t shirt and then dry with a diffuser, styling with a gel before I dry it but I can't keep the waves as defined as they were when wet and most products I try are too heavy-e.g. Leave in conditioner/curl cremes.  I also still get terrible frizz and flatness on the top of my head!  And the top layers of my hair are straight-argh!  Will I ever get a beautiful defined wave in my hair :(Thanks y'allLucy

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