My hair is losing its wave! Is it because it's winter?

My hair has never been super wavy, but lately it's barely wavy when it drys, and only my bottom layer of hair forms curls (it's curly and you can even see it b/c it's the bottom layer). Is it normal for hair to straighten in the winter?

2 Answers

Yes, that's definitely normal! If you'd like your hair to be wavier, I recommend using thicker, creamier, more moisturizing products to help combat the dry winter air. Hope I helped :)
Hi Hannah22, Absolutely. Winter seems to zap type 2 volume and waves along with it. My hair right now is almost straight with a small wave going through. Once the spring starts they will return to normal! CurlySophie has good advice. Be sure to moisturize your waves so they don't dry up during the winter time. Deep conditioners and moisturizers are perfect solutions. Hope that helps!