My hair is partly curly, partly wavy, partly straight. How do I define my curls?

I dont know if its a lack of moisturizing or what but my hair is never fully wavy, fully curly, or fully straight. Some parts of my hair have actual tightly wound curls that bounce, other parts are wavy, and then some are completely straight. How do I make my hair consistent (preferably all curly if possible)? Can you recommend any products? 

1 Answer

My hair is the same. The straight parts, will be straight always so you can curl them or hide them, mine are behind my ear and underneath so can be hidden. The curly and wavy parts can be blended for that you need a good stylist that knows how to cut each texture to get it to curl or wave. As for products, moisture and hydration are the key, then use a gel, styling cream or mousse. (In my experience mousse can be either too drying or too strong). Gel is better, apply it and scrunch. If you want curls take the wavy sections and twist them using your finger or a round brush, do it all over your hair even on the straight parts, air dry and then diffuse to let the heat give shape. After that you may need a curling iron or wand to blend in the ones that didn't curl.If you want waves do the same with the gel but finger comb your hair to break the curls and have waves let it air dry or diffuse but breaking the curls so will have wavy all over.