My hair can get really wavy when it's wet and then dries practically straight. What hair type am I?!

My hair can be really wavy when I get out of the shower but then if I don't do anything it dries practically straight. Does this mean I just have straight hair? Or am I just not using the right products to cultivate my natural curls? How do I determine my hair type since it dries straight?!*Note* If I curl it with an iron and use zero product it holds really well for days until I wash it again. I can brush it out and it still holds. I just twirl it a little bit and it pops right back into the super curls. Not sure if this is helpful info or not. 

1 Answer

Maybe it is the products you use, try a gel too see if it holds.My hair is the opposite, almost no waves when wet but when dry it curls, so I can't say if your pattern is what it looks wet or dry. Anyway I gel will help