My hair has recently been "meh". I'm seeking to try something new. Plopping? Open to new ideas.

I have 2C hair. Usually this time of year it has excellent shape, volume, and bounce. Recently though it's been a little limp or flat. I've tried doing a coconut oil mask, although it gave great definition, it weighed my hair down. Please give suggestions.

2 Answers

I'm a 2a girl. I almost always plop my hair but I do it with a satin cap instead of a t shirt . I put all my styling products in (leave in, Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel, Moroccan Argan oil) and wait for my hair to dry about 60-75% of the way. Then I flip my head over and gather my hair up by kind of scrunching it up on top of my head and put on a satin cap and then I go to sleep. In the morning I will put a little more Moroccan Argan oil in my hair and sometimes I'll also use Aussie sprunch spray for a little more hold. This seems to give me some good curl definition. I get loose slinky-like spirals.
You may want to try a new method , like dividing you hair in section and twist into ropes ( after you've applied products) and air dry. I use this method a lot. Its all over pinterest, I think the original website was heat curls. I air dry mine to a while then diffuse on low until 85% dry.. Its very low heat and my curls look great. It also trains them After a while.