My hair is too straight to be curly and to curly to be straight. How do I make it more curly?

I was born and grew up with stick straight hair. Over the years it's become waiver and wavier. I have random patches of spiral curls and other spots that are straight and others that are wavy. I want my hair to be wavier. How do I do this?!?!

4 Answers

I'm not sure you can make your natural hair texture wavier but you can do styles to create that wavier look. Maybe braid out or curl formers. Rollers, bantu knots, wand curls. 
I've told this to a couple people on here. Hopefully it will help you =) I grew up thinking my hair was straight but recently I've been co washing and using other curly girl techniques that have helped me define my waves/curls. Here's what I do. I'm a 2a girl. I almost always plop my hair but I do it with a satin cap instead of a t shirt . I put all my styling products in (leave in, Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted gel, Moroccan Argan oil) and wait for my hair to dry about 60-75% of the way. Then I flip my head over and gather my hair up by kind of scrunching it up on top of my head and put on a satin cap and then I go to sleep. In the morning I will put a little more Moroccan Argan oil in my hair and sometimes I'll also use Aussie sprunch spray for a little more hold. This seems to give me some good curl definition. I get loose slinky-like spirals.
Try using sulfate and silicon free shampoo and conditioner. I had the same problem, went to a specialist who told me my hair was getting different care all over the place as I was caring for it in stages. After 1 week I had gorgeous frizz free curls that have now settled into more of a wave.
The best thing you can do to set yourself up for success is use products that are silicone, sulfate, mineral oil and paraben free. Then I'd suggest getting your hair cut by an experienced curly girl hair stylist and have it cut dry while curly so they can encourage each curl with the length and overall shape that would be most flattering and helpful for encouraging your curls. Then you will have to get used to using more moisture than you are probably used to currently on the ends of your hair. Other techniques such as plopping can help. I also plop sections and clip them to hold them in a scrunch as they dry with products on them. These things have all helped me uncover more curl than I previously had. I am 2B/2C and maybe even 2A or 3A depending on what part of my hair you are looking at and on what day! LOL! Hope that helps. I like Deva Curl products but am starting to experiment with Shea Moisture. I can't No Poo every time I wash though b/c my roots need some legit cleaning every few days!! I'm new on my curly girl journey but it's going well! Good luck :D