Hair type (2a or 2b) and frizz help!

I am not sure if my hair is more of a 2a or a 2b. It's very fine, very thick, prone to frizz, and when I am not taking good care of it, it tends to look straight and poofy. The underlayer and some parts on the sides are more straight, but may hair also curls and straightens easily. Also, how can I lower frizz? I just switched to CG-friendly products, but I have some parts in the back that frizz rather than curl. I am using Sheamoisture Curl Smoothie and a curl activator, and I use Wen texture balm to help define the waves. Is there anything more I can do to reduce frizz and facilitate waves, and will these things get better if I keep the curly girl technique? 

1 Answer

You may have mixed pattern, which will be a bit of a challenge at first. It looks mostly 2a, however if you just started treating it as curly it might get curlier and yes it does improve with the technique and with time.I recommend you to get a layered haircut but never let the them thin out or debulk your hair, they will say its to reduce volume and frizz, but it will only make it worst. Find a good stylist to advice you. When I was a teen my hair was less wavy than yours but way more fluffy and frizzy, until one stylist told me you are doing it all wrong, treat your hair as curly and all your problems will be gone; and it was truly a change, my waves got curlier and I didn't have to deal with the frizz any longer. For the frizz keep your hair healthy, do conditioning mask, let your conditioner stay for 5min before rinsing; and for the styling you a little bit of virgin coconut oil, apply from middle to the ends scrunch your hair and let it dry or if you like you could also apply any styling cream or gels, just see what works best for you.