My hair type is 2b or 2c?

It looks slick on top, up to the ears. But if opened and parsed by the leather see small waves and persistent. It has a smooth texture but it is very difficult to catch flat iron and brush.And it is very difficult to moisturize it! He's always dry look ... It is also too bulky and it bothers me ... When placed in water immediately sank, became part of the half of the glass.It looks very indefinite.

1 Answer

It's a little hard to tell from your photo but I have a feeling that with good care you are 2c.  I'm wondering if you need protein treatments and weekly deep conditioning?  Also, are you staying away from sulfate shampoos?  Try to use a curl cream - a small amount - this might give your hair the moisture it needs and help enhance the curl.  If the thickness of your hair bothers you, maybe ask your stylist for layers to take some of the bulk out.  Good luck!