Hair type 2b/2c? Your opinion And next day hair

I believe I am somewhere in 2b/2c hair type. After I get some advice on this, I'm hoping to find information about 2nd day hair.I love the way my hair looks after I use the new living proof Curl line (condition wash, de tangling rinse, and the curl defining creme - I that combined with the perfect day hair prime extender it's fabulous. However - the next day I want my hair to look awesome!! Without washing, diffusing all over again.  I prefer the  soft overall look I have achieved.Right now the next day I'm using diva curl mist-er right. And it's ok. But I don't know if something could be better.I've done the Wen thing... But I feel no shampoo completely ( no mater how well I rinsed my hair) I never truly removed all of the conditioner from my hair. I think the living proof really does the trick.So picture (with me in the gray)1 is with the living proof hair care.  Pic two (in the green shirt) is to show curl pattern.I also want to note. When I don't feel like "doing my hair all the time" I use my perfect day hair living proof shampoo and conditioner along with PDH 5-1 styling product with a dab of prime style extender. I will let it dry and clip it back. It's frizzy when I do that. But it does take time to make it look the way it does in the picture with the gray night shirt on.. Straight hair people think I wash and go ;) lol - you know how it is. But I do love my hair. Thanks in advance everyone!!

1 Answer

In my opinion it's surely 2c