My hair is type 2C, and the top is curly, but the ends arent. I just cut it, but it's going straight

I straightened my hair everyday for a year, and the ends were very straight. I just got a 6 inch cut like 5 days ago, and I thought the problem was fixed but it has already started to straighten out. What do I do to make it go Back to being wavy/curly on the bottom?

2 Answers

Even though you cut it, you may still have some damage. A protein treatment will help a lot. Regular conditioning will be helpful too. Damage cant be reversed however you can manage it with protein and conditioning until you get rid of the damaged and your are left with nothing but new and healthy hair. So be patient and a lot of care. Good luck
Get an Olaplex treatment and use Olaplex on your hair once a week after, making sure to wash it out after, it will help re link the disulphide bonds in your hair and help get your texture back . If it's beyond saving, it will need to be cut.