Hair type? And best hair product for it?

I am trying to transition to my natural hair. I use to apply lots of heat to my hair, using the flat iron every day in middle school and high school and after I stopped that, by going weekly to hair salons to get a blow out. I would first use the hair dryer then blow my hair out with the occasional use of a flat iron. This completely ruined my curls. I am trying to get my curls back and have had quite some luck but I'm not completely there yet. I am not sure what kind of hair type I am yet, but I do know it's wavy at the moment. I have low porosity and my hair tends to get weighed down easily with some products causing my hair to lose volume and my curls not to form. Sometimes my curls form better on some days and sometimes they don't. I hope I can some help from you curly haired goddesses! Some

1 Answer

Hi Marvsmess,I LOVE your waves. They're gorgeous! And they will likely get curlier the more you take care of them. Because you used so much heat, your hair is probably high porosity. And your hair probably gets weighed down because your strands are fine. That being said, I think you can help ease your hair along the repair process by avoiding heat and using protein treatments once a month. Here's an excellent guide to that. As far as your hair being weighed down by products, just be sure to use light creams and mousses for your stylers. Here are some of my faves: DevaCurl Light Defining Gel TreLuxe Reflex Curl Styling Serum - super light and slippery :) AG Hair Beach Bomb - this is great if you need more hold. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions in the comments. :)